First person: On Leonardo Salinas

Model and actor Aprille Lim gets to meet fashion designer Leonardo Salinas and wear his gorgeous bridal designs, too.

Leonardo Salinas and the models

Leonardo Salinas and the models

Leonardo Salinas always puts his best foot forward, whether it’s for the Rosemount Sydney Fashion week, major bridal expos or the Philippine Fashion week. Showcasing his amazing and luxuriously-detailed designs at the Main Event function center in Blacktown in July this year, his creations were definitely a stand out. Unlike your conventional white, off-white or cream coloured floor length bridal gowns, Salinas unveiled an array of long and short jewel toned bridal designs that definitely caught the audience’s attention.

Leonardo Salinas with his muse on the night, Aprille Lim

Leonardo Salinas with his muse on the night, Aprille Lim

Salinas broke a number of conventional fashion rules on the night by mixing together elegance and femininity with edge. His collection was a mix of extremely short dresses with long luxurious gowns, and he mixed up the height of his models, too, from towering runway models (see photos) to Filipino-sized petite.


I was both lucky and honoured to have opened and closed his show, wearing two contrasting designs, the finale a standout short, white tiered bridal gown matched with a veil that almost matched the entire length of the catwalk.

Salinas showed his collection as part of Fame Inc’s recognition of his achievements as a Filipino-Australian designer. His vision in sense and style definitely makes him a leader in a cut-throat industry and he deserves all the accolades he’s sure to receive in the future.

About Leonardo Salinas

Leonardo Salinas was born and raised in the beautiful island of the Philippines and migrated to Sydney, Australia in the early 90s to pursue his long life dream and passion to be a great fashion designer.

He launched his eponymous label LEONARDOSALINAS at the 2008 Rosemount Australian Fashion Week as a part of the group show.

He is not only focusing and building his Prêt-à-Porter Collections but is also nurturing his other true love in creating and designing haute couture for brides along with red carpet gowns for private clientele and celebrities.

By fusing past, present and future his designs can be both achingly familiar and utterly astounding and these become timeless and linked to our desires for the unforeseen future and an irrevocable bygone era.



Aprille Lim and design by Leonardo Salinas

Aprille Lim and design by Leonardo Salinas

Hair and make up: Margarett De Guzman
Photography: Mark Lim and Johan Westen

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