One Voice to perform at the Sydney Opera House

Tina Ranoso Bangel

It’s not everyday that young and talented Filipinos get to perform at the Sydney Opera House. This year, vocal teacher TINA RANOSO BANGEL shows it can be done.

In my Kellyville home studio, I hand my 10-year-old One Voice singing student a postcard of a room showing a 14 meter long, floor-to-ceiling, woolen tapestry, designed by Jørn Utzon and parallel to it the stunning views of Sydney Harbour. She takes it with a puzzled look on her face. I tell her “This is where you will be singing at the end of year concert, the Utzon Room, at the Sydney Opera house!”

“Sydney Opera House!” she says as her eyes are filled with excitement, hope and a smile beams across her face. Then it turns to worry. Just what I had expected and exactly why I gave her the postcard. “Each night I want you to imagine yourself on stage singing and moving confidently in this room with all your friends and family happily watching you.”

I explain to her that before we can even begin to imagine what it is we want from a performance, we first have to believe that we have the capability to achieve great possibilities. Without belief, we would never even attempt to do anything about our dreams.

Ally Barrientos and Tina Bangel
Ally Barrientos and Tina Bangel

We are slowly but surely climbing the steps towards fulfilling our dream to sing in the most beautiful place in Sydney. To top off the excitement, Oprah will film her momentous show on the Opera house forecourt the day after our performance. We are all crossing our fingers hoping to catch a glimpse of Lady O.

Set under the iconic sails, “Beyond the seas” will feature students singing contemporary tracks focusing on countries and the world. Apart from celebrating our 7th birthday we want to celebrate the school’s cultural diversity. We have been rehearsing every Sunday and in November, Rhiannon Villareal, from Channel 10’s So You Think You Can Dance, will conduct a dance workshop just to help the kids feel comfortable moving their bodies.

We have a few guest performers from the talented R n B group Revibe (Guy Sebastian’s support act during his tour in the Philippines) to African drummers. Award winning dance crew Kookies n Kream choreographed by Leizel Igadna will combine adding that extra wow factor to the performance. To tie it all together, we are honoured to have Mr. Rod Dingle as our MC.

One Voice school of singing At the Abot Kamay charity event in Blacktown. Pictured with So You Think You Can Dance finalist, Rhiannon Villareal.
One Voice school of singing At the Abot Kamay charity event in Blacktown. Pictured with So You Think You Can Dance finalist, Rhiannon Villareal.

Our mission in the school is to promote confidence and expression in our students and we endevour to give them every opportunity to develop their craft. What really brings a tear to my eyes and tugged on my heart strings was every student response to the question – “what do you want to get out of this experience?”, their honest reply was “to make my family proud!”

We thank each person involved with this special event from sponsors, friends and especially our families.

We hope you can support our budding performers, come and enjoy the songs that come from their heart!

If you would like to sponsor our event or purchase tickets, please contact Tina Ranoso Bangel on 0414626004 or 98363389 or visit


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