Demi dancing

Demi dancing

Classical dance training, flawless technique and the X-factor are three things you need to pass the audition for next season’s So You Think You Can Dance. Ask Demi Sorono and she’d tell you different.

Inspite her lack of formal training and technique, her passion, charisma and hard work took her all the way to the top four in Season One.

Intimidated by all the trained dancers who were auditioning, Demi almost chickened out. Then realisation hit her. “I’m a B-Girl and they needed someone to show a different style,” she says. “Plus, it’s unique and there aren’t many B-Girls around to represent it and I thought, ‘What the heck, I’m going to go for it.’”

Luckily for the show, Demi a.k.a. Demilition B-Girl went for it. Of course, there were times when talent wasn’t enough to overcome some of the hurdles in the competition. Due to inexperience, she once chose to dance the rumba in barefoot which prevented her from getting the most out of the choreography. She also didn’t have the perfect point and her extension needed some work.  But, she embraced every dance challenge thrown at her and quickly went from underdog to star contender. Dressed in a skimpy red outfit and dancing in heels –which she learned to do on the show – she wowed Australia when she performed the samba with partner Jack Chambers (who won the title).

Demi dancing

Demi thrives under pressure but admits she almost cracked towards the end when there were only four of them. “I don’t know how I did it but it was very hard and I wanted to give up halfway through the week because it was just so much,” she says.

“We did four choreographies in one day and it was four hours per routine and by the end of the second round after the third class I was delirious. We cracked ourselves laughing because we were just so delirious from being overtired and overworked so anything would make me giggle,” she laughs.

There’s no such thing as a day off in SYTYCD. Tuesday to Friday were for practicing the pair routines while the weekends were reserved for group choreography. Then Monday was filming so there really wasn’t time for anything else.

“I’ve never been in that environment before,” she says, “so I felt like, wow, this is what I’ve been missing out on for the last 10 years and it was amazing. I loved every moment of it.”

This time last year, Demi was touring the country with the Top 10 finalists of Season 1 and co-hosting the shows. With success in the dance arena under her belt , she’s now ready to move on to her next goal – singing.

“I’ve been busy recording and songwriting for about three months,” she reveals. “I’m also the face of an anti-perspirant. Keep an eye out for a commercial in August and September during the American Series of SYTYCD 2009.”

Good to know we’ll be seeing more of Demilition B-Girl soon.

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To all SYTYCD hopefuls out there, remember that you need to register for the So You Think You Can Dance 2010 auditions to be eligible. Good luck!

* A full profile story on Demi Sorono will be out in the November 2009 print edition of the magazine.

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