Hip hop crew Lil Justice – the ‘baby’ version of Australia’s Got Talent winner Justice Crew – needs the Filipino community to dig deep to make their dreams come true.

These five cute and super-talented kids bagged the first prize at the National Hip Hop competition held in the Hills Centre, Sydney in May, earning the right to represent Australia in the Hip Hop International competition to be held in Las Vegas from July 27 – August 1.


Lil Justice

Lil Justice

Left to right: Faith Estil, Aaliyah Reid, Michael Flores, Isaiah Reid and Kathleen Hernandez


There’s just one slight problem – they need to raise at least $50,000 to cover the trip including transport, accommodation, meals and entry fees. In less than three weeks.

They’ve already started raising funds through mufti days at their children’s schools, dinner + entertainment nights, busking, corporate and local government sponsorship.

Their next fundraising event is on Sunday, 18 July, at Seven Hills (see www.justicecrew.com for details) featuring performances by Justice Crew and, of course, Lil Justice themselves.

If you can make donations or know businesses that can help sponsor the trip, contact Anna Jaques on 0404 299 882 or Angelico Estil on 0417 553 791.

The lowdown

Lil Justice and the Justice Crew
Lil Justice and the Justice Crew

Lil Justice is made up of five dedicated kids that have a passion to dance and express themselves through their performances. Faith Estil and Kathleen Hernandez are 12-years-old (Filipina), Isaiah Reid is 11 (NZ), Michael Flores is 10 (Filipino) and Aaliyah Reid is the youngest at 8 (NZ). These kids come from different backgrounds but share the same desire to be the best dance crew that they can be and represent their city and country with pride. They were brought together by Anna Jaques, a dance teacher and partner of Maurice, who is responsible for Justice Crew (2010 Australia’s Got Talent winner).



They are cool little, well really they r the best young crew that i have seen, and i just like to say well done to all they have done.

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