One of Australian Filipina's favourite blogs is, by award-winning newspaper artist Edd Aragon whose illustrations have graced the pages of prestigious Australian broadsheet, the Sydney Morning Herald, among others.

But in his 'spare' time, Edd runs his own UV Art exhibits, jams with his musician friends and writes eloquently about his thoughts and experiences on his blog, which he started in 2007.

One of his latest articles is on his reaction as among the test audience of Within & Without, a performance and arts installation by a group of talented Filipinos and Australians. In his blog, Edd wrote:

"Welcome, welcome to Manila!" grimaced the man wearing an elegant terno. Later we were offered sashes to wear as blindfolds. We all stood up quiet. Brace yourselves I thought, we're in for some surreal surprise. For a moment the black cloth made me feel I was to be executed at Bagumbayan.  See, to be enveloped by a deliberate silence with vision occluded left me nowhere to go but within me, biological apps snapped to survival then to meditative mode where I grasped some Beta waves fading out into Alpha; and when it was about to hit a crescendo of Gamma the placid mind was rattled by  "Quiapo! Quiapo! Sakay na kayo.." Then the roar of motor vehicles, pedicabs, trains and an ambient hum of a familiar street crowd.

Check out the rest of the blog entry here.


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