Young entrepreneur Gersom Santos uses his passion for music and, more recently, his newfound passion in photography, to fulfill his life's calling. He shares his story on why he became a professional musician and photographer.

In a fast-paced and changing environment like today, it’s easy to let moments pass us by. The past decade shows that innovation brings change in an instant. Gizmos and gadgets have everyone buzzing; and it’s easy to skip the moments that really count. 

For a young multimedia director, business thrives on life’s changing moments. High on life and busy as ever, Gersom Santos, founder of Gersom Santos Productions, is familiar with obstacles that life can throw. His business is driven first and foremost by his passion for music and more recently, his newfound passion in photography has transformed his identity.

He explains how he became a professional musician and photographer.

“I specialise in capturing moments as they happen – and even before they happen,” he said. “I’m a very observant person and I love to see how people react in certain moments…when a child looks at his father, the innocence in that moment (which some people may miss) is illustrated through my work.”

Gersom’s career in the multimedia industry stems from years devoted to music. From the age of 10, he spent most of his time onstage at church. Self-taught in music, he quickly progressed from learning instruments to actually living through his music. As a young man in his late teens, he was heavily involved with mission work. Trips to the Philippines captured his attention, while performing for large crowds overflowing with 20,000 people. From there he was certain music was born into him to touch others and to impact their life dramatically.

These days his passion consumes much of his time. He has stepped onto newfound ground, gaining an all-access pass to photograph big events such as the Bollywood Film Festival at Fox Studios.

With a vision to be ‘relentless’ Gersom Santos Productions is competitive by nature, always aiming to please customers in every perfect way. Offering music tuition and video production also allows this business to take part in the journey of those carrying similar goals artistically and creatively.

“It’s refreshing to teach someone who is new to music,” said Gersom.  “I’d like to have more students because music is such a big part of me.”

Growing up in Sydney with a typical Filipino family naturally positioned Gersom to keep busy and support others. Inspiration from his late uncle, guidance from his parents, support from his friends and a natural zest for achieving goals, have triggered his passion for working closely with people.

“I’ve had a lot of turning points in my life that made me realise how to better myself. My family environment has shaped who I am today.”

In today’s busy lifestyle Gersom Santos Productions may still be in crawling in infancy as a business, but Gersom Santos, the person, is walking through life relentlessly with each new stride.

View his photography online through Facebook at  and his music at For bookings, email




Excellent article! Well written, and an interesting subject! I am definitely a fan. Would love to see more like this from Agnes Rose!

Freddie Santos

"...This is my son, my beloved, in whom I delight! Matthew 3:17; "A wise son makes a glad father" Proverbs 10:1 ; I am so proud of you Gers, and much rejoicing to quote these verses for you...Bless you more with great endeavour and your passion in pursuits of God's unique calling upon your life.

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