Alongside international artist Lea Salonga, there's another Filipina making waves at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, artistic director Kate Ceberano, writes Michelle Baltazar.

You'd notice her from afar. A sexy bundle of energy with a voice to match. Kate Ceberano, an award-winning Australian artist who has five Platinum albums, five Gold albums and over 1 million albums sold in Australia alone, is this year's artistic director of the 2012 Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

It's a little known fact that Kate is Filipina (her mom is Australian, her dad is American with Filipino heritage) but she is, and Lea Salonga fans have a lot to thank her and the festival's producer Torben Brookman for curating this year's program, attracting the finest in their respective fields, including Lea.

In an emailed interview with Australian Filipina, Kate spoke about how proud she is of the Philippines' world-class talents.

"Our culture breeds beautiful and successful artists! That is a fact! From The Black Eyed Peas to Bruno Mars who are blasting across the field of popular culture and for musical theatre, our Lea is iconic!"

"Her level of experience, her international profile and her contributions to musical theatre and culture are abounding. Being Filipino myself, I'm a little biased, but have no need to be."

But it wasn't just Lea who became a hit with Australian audiences. Behind the scenes, Kate delivered a festival that, with a week left, has already smashed all other Festival box-office records.

The Twitter feeds on #adcabfest and @kateceberano are also full of praise, talking about how everyone loved the performances and had a great time, from the artists to the audiences.

There is still a week left before the Adelaide Cabaret Festival closes. You can find out more on or follow Kate Ceberano's blog updates on

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