The weekend is forecast to be a scorcher. And we’re using that as an excuse why we’re profiling Filipino-Australian handballer Bevan Calvert in sportswear that suits the soaring temperatures ahead.

Calvert has a lot of reasons to smile these days. He is playing the sport that he loves and has turned it into a career that has taken him around the world. Early this year, the office of the Prime Minister of Australia selected him as the country’s Handball Ambassador, an honour and a responsibility to foster sportsmanship among young kids.

But more than that, Calvert caps 2012 with the highest accolade of them all. This month, he was selected as team captain of the country’s national men’s team for handball.

His selection makes him the only sportsman in Australia with Filipino heritage to hold the highest position in a national team.

Less on the sports and more on his model looks, Calvert was recently featured on the pages of FHM Philippines. At 26 years of age and unmarried, he is a surefire entrant to next year’s CLEO Bachelor of the Year.

For the single ladies out there who needs some tips, check out his bio on the official Australian Handball site. He mentioned in there that his favourite food is “Mum’s Spring Rolls”. Yep, the way to his heart is fresh lumpia. Now, where is that recipe again?

Action shot photo courtesy of Jun Tanlayco, NZHF
Magazine photoshoot by Alet Mayol Photography




Thanks Michelle and The Australian Filipina for the support to handball and Bevan. We hope many more youth will be involved in this exciting sport.

Chato Bonsall

hot hot hot, Christian Grey, oh no! I mean Bevan Calvert.

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