A rare dialogue on contemporary community theatre at its best is happening at Blacktown Arts Centre today (October 9), with Manila-based theatre group Sipat Lawin as guest.

The Centre has invited Manila-based theatre company Sipat Lawin and their Australian host, writer David Finnigan to lead a presentation and discussion centred on their partnership and their highly successful methods of finding an audience for contemporary performance. 

The relationship, which began in 2009 and spans across the Philippines and Australia, has yielded a series of interdisciplinary works, forums, theatre, happenings and artist interventions. They represent the complex and vibrant relationships being formally and informally formed between Australian and Asian artists.
Sipat Lawin and David Finnigan will discuss recent works including Battalia Royale, a collaboration with Australian writers Sam Burns-Warr, Georgie McAuley and Jordan Prosser. 

A site-specific theatrical and interactive take on the Japanese pulp novel Battle Royale, about a group of 15 year old students who kill each other for survival.  The performances generated phenomenal buzz resulting in audience numbers reaching over 950 people on the third night of the season.

It also attracted extensive local and world-wide media coverage through BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera and Reuters. 
The artists will also touch on some of the critical dialogue around the works and how they have had to address the grey areas between fandom and backlash.
Join them for a lively discussion on art and performance making underpinned by Sipat Lawin’s ethos – Contemporary Community Theatre, Contemporary Theatre Community. 
10am – 12pm Wednesday 9 October 2013
Performance Studio
Blacktown Arts Centre
78 Flushcombe Rd, Blacktown
Open 10am – 5pm Tuesday – Saturday
T: (02) 9839 6558 (contact Paschal Berry)


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