Talented Australian-Filipina Renelle Jones has climbed her way from the Top 20 to Top 4 of Australia's So You Think You Can Dance. The countdown begins.

The next 48 hours are going to be pretty special for talented dancer Renelle Jones. It's the countdown to the Grand Finals of one of the most successful dance competition franchises in the world: So You Think You Can Dance.

On 1 May, lines will close for votes on the TV show's "Who is going to be Australia's favourite dancer?" based on the number of public votes. You can show your support by calling or texting the following numbers.

Call 1902555507 or SMS RENELLE to 197 710 10

Salmat Digital. Helpdesk 1300 131 276. 190 and SMS votes cost $0.55 inc GST. 190 calls from mobiles/payphones extra. Lines close 20.10 (AEST) on 01/05/14 

But in case you've missed her breakthrough dance performances, here are the top 10 comments from the judges on Renelle's super-duper (this is an accepted Pinoy slang) dance skills!


"Your gift. Solid and strong. Keep doing what you're doing."

"Sexy and sensual." 

"You kind of snuck under the radar. You're this quiet strength that's just come along."

"The characters you've drawn out ... it's what made you one of the top 20."

"We thought [Lauren] would override you on this, but you stepped up to the plate."

"You're beautiful, brilliant and bright ... and you bring that to the stage."

"You're always believable because you're just that amazing on stage."

"Perfect example of seamless transition … but it went beyond that. It was magic."

"You engulf yourself into the character every time you do a routine. Your commitment was so incredible."

"You oozed right across that floor. Right on the money."

Support Renelle and vote before lines close (May 1).

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