Filipinos keen to get social media-related jobs should follow a new recruiter site that specialises in this line of work.

Networkers Recruitment, Australia’s first recruitment agency dedicated solely to social media roles, has opened in Sydney in response to increased demand from employers for candidates with specialist social media skills.

Networkers is the second specialist agency established and run by Amanda Lintott, founder of boutique automotive recruitment agency, Career Driven.

Lintott developed the concept for Networkers when she noticed a marked increase in the number of roles requiring social media expertise. This demand isn’t just limited to looking for specialist social media roles such as community managers. It has also spread into roles where social media wasn’t traditionally required, such as customer service, human resources, in house lawyers and researchers. 

She said, “Social media has impacted on businesses and continues to expand and evolve. It’s no longer enough for businesses just to manage their Facebook and Twitter feeds. Social media is more than that, and will increasingly touch more and more business functions."

Networkers will focus on providing permanent staff but will also provide temporary and casual services as well as give businesses advice on typical job descriptions, salary brackets and market conditions.    

Candidates and companies interested in using Networkers’ services should visit 

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Charito De Jesus

I was just reading your article or advertisement,I am glad that you come up with the plan like that,that's why i am curious to know what is in it to be learn or to know. I have skills that might able help you to your aim. I am a fashion designer and teachng to the jobless mother tor free so the have a choice later on in life even for their children needs, fabric is cheap so they save more if they make it themselves.

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