In December, I travelled to Sumaguing Cave in Sagada, Philippines. I enjoyed the thrill, challenge and sense of adventure that this intense three-four hour spelunking gave me.

Seeing the wonders of the underworld, such as the beautiful and breathtaking rock and crystal formations, glistening clear waters and limestone made the (long!) trip worthwhile.

Background: Located 275km north of Manila (100km from Baguio) near the provincial capital of Bontoc, the cave is a long day's bus ride starting from the Dangwa bus station in Baguio over the narrow mountain tracks traversing the Cordilleras.

On arrival, Sagada boasts caves that can be explored (even by non-experts) with the help of local guides, a hike along an underground river, a waterfall and a pool to swim in after a day of exploring. The forebears of the current residents practiced an unusual burial practice by hanging and stacking coffins, hewed from tree trunks, in the limestone karst cliffs and caves near town (See photo).

More on Sagada here:

Photos: Author's Facebook Album 'The Ultimate Sagada Trip'; special thanks to the photo contributors of this album

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