AF Digital December 19

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Filo-Aussies in dire straits if survey fails  

Poor response to a community survey organised by the Philippine Consulate could leave many Filipino-Australians vulnerable in the event of a disaster or emergency.

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In Their Own Words: 2013 Mardi Gras Queen of the Night  

The Australian Filipina sneaks backstage to find out how the Crown winner and the two Princesses of this year’s Mardi Gras Queen of the Night prepared for the competition.

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Bright like diamonds: 2013 Mardi Gras Queen of the Night  

Eleven candidates battled it out at the Mardi Gras Queen of the Night, with NSW-based fashion designer Victoria Turner winning this year’s crown.

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Review: URBANSTAR Acoustic Jam at Sizzling Fillo  

I cannot recommend the crispy pata at other Filipino restaurants in Sydney as they’ve largely been hit-and-miss but the one at Sizzling Fillo was exactly how crispy pata should be: not chewy, not oily, not overcooked. Just right.

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What my brother taught me about leadership  

You don't have to read lots of books to find out what it takes to be a great leader. Sometimes the best learnings can be a family affair, writes MICHELLE BALTAZAR.

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More fun in Palawan  

From critic to convert, Australian-Filipina writer MICHELLE BALTAZAR discovers why the current national campaign "It's more fun in the Philippines" is more than just a hollow boast. 

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New twist to balikbayan's vacation  

It was her second visit to the Philippines officially as a journalist on holiday. In 2009, Ms Baltazar went on assignment as a member of the Filipino Press Group of Sydney.

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The Australian Filipina wins global Best Interactive Media Award  

Copy of the Thank You Speech I would have given at the MAM Awards ceremony.

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